Kin Alliance is a distinctive bespoke family office driven by a humanised well being approach.

This approach is fuelled by guardianship, empowering families and their advisers through a united vision. 1

It is our role to protect that vision

No matter the incentive, every family needs to ask itself what’s the purpose of their capital.  When you are running a family office, you’re planning generations ahead.  You’re not planning for next week, next year or your retirement.  You’re planning for the retirement of your great-grandchildren and beyond.

This safeguarding approach allows effective management, sustainability and growth of the family’s assets.  It does not disrupt the existing circle of advisors and suppliers working with a family but seeks to strengthen and enhance those relationships.

Wealth is not simply material, so of equal importance alongside a family’s Financial Capital are its:


– who individual family members are, what they are called to do;


– how family members learn, communicate and make joint decisions; and


– how family members engage with society at large.

Kin Alliance will help you navigate the challenges that come with wealth including:

  • Wealth management
  • Tax and estate planning
  • Business succession issues
  • Setting and funding philanthropic goals

Integrated, holistic and with only your family’s interests at heart.

We work together with the appropriate advisers, at the same table, to create a seamless approach facilitated through well-defined governance, structure and processes.

Benefits of a Virtual Family Office:

1| Experience and competency: continue to harness the experience and competencies of the long-established relationships with the professional that surround you.

2| Variable Cost Structure: avoid the costs of setting up your own Single-Family Office or participating in a Multi-Family Office.

3| Objective advice: avoid any of the conflicts that might arise from using the services of a commercial family office and ensure a purely objective set of solutions to address your specific need.

4| Integrated advice: eliminate planning gaps or oversights through the collaborative efforts of your advisors.

5| Confidence and comfort: achieve the peace of mind which only comes from knowing that there is a formal governance structure and set of processes in place to ensure that all the family’s stewardship needs are being met in an appropriate manner.

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