Kin Alliance is a distinctive bespoke family office driven by a humanised well being approach.

This approach is fuelled by guardianship, empowering families and their advisers through a united vision.


FAMILY OFFICE: Piece of the puzzle or lid to the box?

It is said “when you’ve seen one family office… you’ve seen one family office”.   No two families are the same, so it makes perfect sense that with unique needs the structures that look after them need also to be bespoke.

The main reason a family chooses to establish a family office is to effectively manage the safeguarding and growth of its assets.  This normally follows a significant accumulation of wealth to the point where their financial affairs have become increasingly diverse and complex.

Consequently, family offices have been the preserve of Ultra High Net Worth Families, due in part, to the significant costs of building a structure that brings together the wide range of expertise they require under one roof.

Of course, alternative structures exist to enable a family to achieve this similar level of expertise, for example in the form of Multi-Family Offices that share the costs with other wealthy families.  However, these services often focus exclusively around the management of investments and downplay the more personal issues which impact and challenge a family.

Surely having a family office should be another piece of your growth strategy.  Why wait until your affairs are too complex to put the processes and procedures in place that will help you not only manage your financial affairs effectively but the overall well-being of your family for generations to come?

In my 30 year-long professional career as an accountant and tax adviser, I often was frustrated having been presented with a problem, the pieces of a puzzle, without the overall picture… the lid to the box!

For Kin Alliance, the lid to box is the family’s shared purpose and vision for their wealth. Our role in protecting that vision ensures internal and external communication channels keep everyone on the same page.  We believe without sight of that vision planning gaps and inefficiencies in professional advice arise. Our governance structure eases the ability for professionals to collaborate building on existing long-term relationships and creating a seamless approach.

We sit independent and completely objective alongside the family in managing and reviewing the wealth strategy.  In fact we want you to feel we are the closest thing to family outside of your family!

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