Kin Alliance is a distinctive bespoke family office driven by a humanised well being approach.

This approach is fuelled by guardianship, empowering families and their advisers through a united vision.


Norma is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland and a holder of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners Advanced Family Business Advisers certification.

It is undoubtedly Norma’s technical skills as an accountant and tax adviser that led her into the world of enterprising families.  She has spent a little over 30 years in practice, around half of that time at partner level, working alongside wealthy families including the landed aristocracy through to more recently successful entrepreneurial families.  She is an experienced business adviser helping to implement strategies for growth, wealth preservation and tax planning structures.

Norma’s family consultancy has seen her advise on generational succession, facilitate conflict between family branches and assist in the set up of programmes for next generation development.  Where there is no conflict with client families Norma continues to be involved in one off projects.

It is Norma’s belief, however, that a family’s wealth is about much more than money that sets her approach apart and led her to found Kin Alliance in the summer of 2018 as an alternative to the more conventional Family Office structures currently found in the UK.

Delivering practical solutions that fine balance and satisfy family interests with those of the commercial business.

Kin Alliance is a distinctive bespoke Family Office driven by a humanised well-being approach. 

Our approach is fuelled by guardianship, empowering families and their advisers through a united vision.  It is the building of a truly collaborative team around a family which we are most passionate about.  Achieving the joined up thinking and multi-disciplinary expertise that benefits both the family and the existing professional advisers.   We work together with the appropriate advisers, at the same table, to create a seamless approach facilitated through well-defined governance, structure and process.

The Kin Alliance Approach is centred around the belief that the benefits of having a Family Office are far more wide reaching than simply the management of money.  It encompasses some of the softer or emotional issues that may challenge a wealthy family and its business.

The special dynamic of family businesses that includes the founder, the family and the business can be both a source of strength and adversity. It can lead to emotional conflict as well as volatility.

Kin Alliance helps family businesses thrive in the face of the unique challenges they face. By listening to, and understanding, the needs and requirements of all the stakeholders involved we are able to work together with our clients to build long lasting family businesses.

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